Where Do You Draw The Line?

Just a quick word before I pop into bed.
People adding me on Facebook that I do not know… Don’t bother.
I’m starting to get a bit aggitated about it all. I’ve never seen you in my life never mind actually met you.

Myspace,  sure add whoever you want. But Facebook is a little more private to me and it’s pretty much as open as the strip joint down the road… I don’t want to share things with you if you don’t know me. I’m sorry.

I know I have done it in the past (rah rah rah), but it’s always been someone that I’ve at least met.
Not only this, but if I ignore their request… they re-send it!!!!
I didn’t accept you the first time, what makes you think I will accpet you again? Hmm…

I know Miles is popular but just because I know him and you know him doesn’t mean that we have to add each other.
No! Just no!

I won’t add you if your half naked in your display picture (I had one of those the other day)
Nor if your 14 or an emo.
Just GTFO noob!!

I don’t know… Kid’s these days.


One Response to “Where Do You Draw The Line?”

  1. M-Dawggggggg Says:

    Lol, I appreciate the name drop. haha.

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