What I dislike about being sick most is the extreme cravings I get for food. Anything and everything!!! And most of the time things I cannot have.
Such as:
Strawberries – can’t get to the shops, I’m poor and sick.
Ice Cream – I have some but I can’t eat it because it will make me even more flemmy.
Cheeseburgers and anything from Mac Donalds – can’t get to the shops because… I’m sick.
KFC and deep fried things – same principle… too sick to go to drive down.
Corn Chips – we don’t have any… I can’t get any because guess what… I’m sick.
A Roast of any sort – it takes too long to cook and by the time it’s cooked I will have found something else to eat.

I’d also love to be eating cheese and yoghurt but like with the ice cream it will make me even more flemmy.

Some other things I want but can’t have:
– Jungle Chews

– Toffee Apple

– Avocado

– Mince

– Roti

– Curry

– Popcorn (no wait I can.. and I will have popcorn!)

– Nacho’s with cheese from that cinema in Doncaster in England.

– Mango

– Real carbonara

– Extra Hot Beef jerky

– Thai Laska Soup

– Easy Mac

– Cold Pizza

God I just want food!!!


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