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We Are Nothing

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Some photos from Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.


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Guten Tag!
Mein Name ist Natalie. Ich bin achtzehn Jahre alt. Ich lebe in Australien. Ich habe einen Mann namens James, den ich liebe. Meine Mutter ist pixie und meines Vaters Name ist David. Wir haben zwei Hunde. Rusty ist der ältere Hund und Yazzmin ist der jüngere. Und sie werfen ein viel Fell.

Herb Dean

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Merry Christmas everyone.
Yes I was a little late on the cheers but couldn’t be helped.

Christmas Eve, we went to Jess’ for a gathering/presents opening and also enjoyed some good family company.
I also learnt some more German from my Ome!

‘Ich liebe dich’ – I love you
‘Pussle miene nüsse (nussen)’ – Kiss my nuts
‘Du bist nüsse (nussen)’ – You are nuts
‘Sie haben ein kleines Auto’ – You have a small car
‘Kuss mein lippen’ – Kiss my lips

Christmas Day, James and I went to his Aunty’s house in Mornington. It was such a loverly house! We opened presents and had lunch. Yum!

We then came back to my house and had dinner with my parents which was nice.
We then went to Kyle’s in Mornington again which was an awesome night!!
Some good photos were taken too. Whether or not I can get the photos is another story.

On Boxing Day (today) we drove to Lysterfeild Park and had lunch and did a family thing with my family.
It was rather nice.
I’m quite sunburnt at the moment though.

Happy Holidays kids.

Dance With

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Before I update about Christmas and Boxing Day I have something I wish to discuss.

Last night James and I went to Kyle’s for a drink and a shisha and a gathering. Zac said that he had a good song that I should listen to. As soon as he put it on Kyle was like ‘No dude! This song is the biggest mood killer!’
And he couldn’t have been more right..
Zac was then like ‘Nah Nah it’s good!’ and kept telling me to listen to the lyrics.

The artist was Immortal Technigue who is incredible. I’d never listen to him before. Not only was he amazingly discriptive and graphic in his story; it was so intense. To the point where I thought I was actually going to have to walk away. I didn’t. I sat through the whole song. Which according to alot of people (which is widely debated) based on a true story.

The lyrics were provocative, confrontational and quite scary. Each verse sunk into a deeper fiery depth.

I can honestly say I don’t think I could listen to it again, it’s certainly an amazing song and very well written but it moves me beyond words. To the point where I was shaken and sickened by the possibility of the truth behind what I had just listened to.

Most of his songs focus on social injustice, poverty, rascim and religion. He is also an activist and travelled to the Middle East to help build an orphanage with a Non-Profit Human Rights Organisation called Omeid International.

They Turn Back

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Totally cute!

Zombies Are Good For Your Health

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I love red hair.

I love blonde hair.

This Is Exile

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The other day before work I saw a car with riendeer antlers!

So cute!
You can buy them from the $2 Shop and they just hook onto your windows.