W Dot Something

So sick of all of the tourists or the ‘terrorists’ as we politely call them.

Not only are you trying to take over our beaches and also are incredibly rude, I would appreciate it if you stopped trying to get a further discount at work and treating me like a hooker.

Every time of year, it happens. Thousands of people decend on the Mornington Peninsula. And I hate it. I’m sick of people trying to steal things and complain when I don’t give them $5 off a purchase. Or when they complain about the store, I’m just doing my job I cannot help you shop and go visit the Head Honcho myself for lunch and tell him what they dislike so much about Kmart.

I also don’t appreciate it when men throw there card or cash at me like I’m some sort of naked dancer. It’s so degrading.

It would be loverly if they would actually LISTEN to what your trying to tell them and not be so lazy when there is a massive item that I cannot lift myself.

Once there was an old Greek man trying to make me tell him my name and where I lived. He left the store only to come back and hound me even more.
Sorry man, don’t get insulted if I tell you that I will not tell you my full name.

Rant over.

In good news, we had some really nice people come in and they were so appreciative of my attempted assistance. We didn’t have what they wanted but they were so thankfull!

And also the little boy that kept wishing me Merry Christmas. Bless him.


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