Sons And Daughters

On Friday I had my final tattoo session on my thighs. I ate some lunch (THE BEST CHICKEN, AVOCADO, CHEESE, LETTUCE, MAYO SANDWICH EVER!) and then went into the shop. 4 and a half hours later (massive session) they were all done 🙂

Tattoos Finished

Mark and Kyle also got there at the end of my session for Mark’s appointment. His thigh peice looks awesome, so jealous.

I was pretty tired and drained, to the point where my body was freaking out and was telling me to be sick and gone completly pale.

Then on Saturday James and I went to Laura’s for Halloween. Food dye isn’t easy to get out of skin. But our doctor’s costumes were really awesome, and comfy!
Unfortunatly we didn’t get any photos but all in all a good weekend.


2 Responses to “Sons And Daughters”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are you going to get seams? Like straight lines descending from them?

  2. I really wanted to but my tattooist suggested that I don’t because I move around too much and they like it to be perfect. But idealy I would.

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