Fail Me

Time for a bit of a rant.

You know what get’s Nat angry more than most things… Tramp Stamp’s!!!
Yes those annoying little lower-back tattoo’s that plenty (too many in my opinion) of promiscuous female’s wear with pride (mostly with little to no clothing). And what is even worse.. There is a whole website dedicated for those who admire them!
According to my good friend Wiki – ‘The lower back tattoo is a body decoration, sometimes intended to emphasize sexual attractiveness.’
Ugh… Nothing is attractive about watching a girl bend over for other men to see, not only half of her arse out of her g-string, but her ‘Hey Boys! COME GET ME!’ tattoo!

You know what else grinds my gears!?

Non-tribal nor ethnic people getting tribal tattoos.
Not only that but with non-tribal methods.

Ugh, your not buff, or manly, you just look like a dopey meathead.


One Response to “Fail Me”

  1. oh my fucking god, yes yes yes to everything you said. TRIBAL SHOULD BE BANNED!

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