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der Zug rollt auf

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Last Saturday night was my Grandpa’s 80th birthday at the Austrian club. There was lots free beer and wine and men wearing lederhosen.
There was also lots of butt slap dancing.

Get Me Out Alive

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I love that person’s photography, I’m not sure who took them however. They are brilliant.

Coward’s Shrug

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This is how my weekend panned out:

After Mum started to feel better they went to Phillip Island for four days. YAY! PARTY! Just kidding. james came down and we had a relaxing night in.

I worked. We spent hours on Youtube looking at LOL Cat’s and also Fail Blog videos. Realised how late it was and that we had to go see Megan. Went to Steve’s for Megan’s 19th. Many-a-goon were had and then we went come and watched Severance.

Work. Went to see Megan and James the Queenslander and her dear boyfried. We watched some horrible movie. Later on we went to a high-roller party at a crazy mansion in Brighton. Was such a loverly house. Lots of bedrooms, lots of free alcohol, amazing band, nice spa and we also played poker.

Went to get James’ fully sick subwoofer’s installed in his car. Slept. Watched movies. Saw Miles. Lost my new job. Came home.

Some IDIOT came to my house and threatened to shoot my dog. I told him where to go and then called the police. He didn’t even use the doorbell. How rude.

Mum and Dad came home. James went home.

Black And Blue

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I really miss England so much. So many school-leavers have gone since I left school and it makes me so jealous. I can’t wait to go back. I know it’s cold, but it’s so beautiful and most of the time on my visits it has been sunshine and blue skies!







I love the Thacker’s 🙂

Bright Lights

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Everything Octopus. I love octopi so much its silly.

It read’s ‘Octopus, Clowntopus, Emotopus, Zombietopus, Gaytopus, Vampiretopus, Negativetopus, Octopusex, Fashionopus.’

Pixie’s Pickle

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Today went a little something like this.

8:00 AM
My phone rings, Mum is calling. Why is Mum calling?

ME: “Hello?”
MUM (in her quiet voice she uses when something is wrong): “Hello sweeet. Can you please bring me a bucket.”
ME: “What for? Are you sick!?”

Mums symptoms:

– nausea/dry reaching

– dizziness

– headache

– burning

– weird eye shakkeyyyyyyy.

My worst fear, vomit! -prays Mum doesn’t vomit- I was certain she was going to, I’ve never seen someone so green! So I went and got her a bucket and some water and a warm cloth, called in sick for her, let the dogs out of their pen and feed them.

I then called Nurse-On-Call. Who are amazing! I’ve called them a few times when things have gotten pear shaped and they were very helpfull!

After they spoke to Mum they decided it was best to get an ambulance just to make sure she was ok.

Ambo’s came, she tried her best to convince them not to take her to hospital (she was actually very funny!)

LOL, it didn’t work… and we went to the hospital. On the monitor at the front of the super dooper high-tech ambulance it had all of Mum’s details and stated that she may have had a stroke. Which she hadn’t. But sadly another young man who was admitted this morning had and he wasn’t in a good shape. I hope everything works out for him and his family.

Me, freaking out messaged James 100’s of time’s and everyone else in my phone book.

Mum is fine now, so she should be ok. Thanks to everyone to helped or sent their regards.

Thanks James for coming all that way from Elwood just to go back home!

AND when Mum was put into the emergency ward a lady dropped a bed pan full of poo!

FHL! That’s all I have to say. LOL.

Write Up A List

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Beautiful paisley!