Art Star

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog!
Not only friends but regulars (it seems I have a small following) , it’s certainly nice to know these words arn’t wasted.
I never expected to get on average 30-40 hits per post!
And my awesome record of 83!
Probably most of the hits were from my Dad!
I’m writting this post in regards to such a beautiful comment I just received:

‘Just wanted to say that I dig your blog and you seem to have grown into a very cool and interesting person, the likes of which I would have walked past on the street and thought “damn I wish I knew that person”, and I’m glad to know you’

Not only does this person make life beatiful, more entertaining and wholesome, they are also a wonderful person and a great friend.
So thank you Hayden.
It means alot not only to hear those things but also to hear that people slightly enjoy the crap I write.

Thanks friends, foes and fiends.
Take care!


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