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And Who You Are

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Really excited for Converge’s new album.

Today was well rough!
Everyday is still so loverly though.
Summer is deffinatly coming.

Wheres the chocolate?
Nom Nom Noms!

Product Of My Surroundings

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Usually I try to be fairly to the point in blogs, mysterious things give me the uncomfortable sensation of a mosquito bite thats gained an unfortunate infection.
This infection is generally sadness, despair and in some ways incredibly pathetic.
I know I’ve had my hard times, but now, happiness is one of the most… well… accomplished things I have ever done. Not only that but it seems to be so easy to be happy at the moment and certainly in the future.
I think I’ve come to the point of accepting the concepts in life regarding purpose, god, love.
And the coming together of these concepts and philosophical ideas has helped me on my journey to happiness.


If everyone was as fantastically ‘in-bliss’ as me, the world would be such a better place.
I wish people would live their lives rather than bother with drugs that make them ‘happy’ for a short pathetic period, when in reality, makes them depressed, more so when they first started taking any drugs.
And see the beautiful things like music, smiles, laughing and dancing.
Gaining the pleasures of food, sex, fine wine and sleeping.
Helping others, caring for the environment, improving things for not-themselves.

Why are half of the people in the world trying to end their lives sooner rather than expanding it?

Why can’t people calm down, take a look at things and just enjoy, respect and appreciate?


Raise your eyes from sleep, wake up and start to enjoy things.

Art Star

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Thanks to everyone who reads my blog!
Not only friends but regulars (it seems I have a small following) , it’s certainly nice to know these words arn’t wasted.
I never expected to get on average 30-40 hits per post!
And my awesome record of 83!
Probably most of the hits were from my Dad!
I’m writting this post in regards to such a beautiful comment I just received:

‘Just wanted to say that I dig your blog and you seem to have grown into a very cool and interesting person, the likes of which I would have walked past on the street and thought “damn I wish I knew that person”, and I’m glad to know you’

Not only does this person make life beatiful, more entertaining and wholesome, they are also a wonderful person and a great friend.
So thank you Hayden.
It means alot not only to hear those things but also to hear that people slightly enjoy the crap I write.

Thanks friends, foes and fiends.
Take care!

I Abstain

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Yesturday I went to Splash of Colour in Ascot Vale and got my first tattoo of my bows on my thighs, one of many to come I’m sure.
It was pretty much what I expected, scratching a sharp pen on your skin until it works.
Towards the middle I was struggling a little but relaxed after there was some classical (serial killer) music put on. Which was loverly!
Thanks to Heath for starting my canvas, I highly recommend him.

Peace yo.


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For every single day you called me ugly, a slut, put me down, told me the world hated me, told me I had no friends, no family, told me no one loved me; this is for you.

This is for when you tried to pull me down, change me, abuse me, aggrivate me, humiliate me, taunt me and win over me.

You thought you could destroy me, but you only empowered me to be a better person.