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Sing The Sweet Redeeming Song

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The last couple of days have been rough to say the least. I won’t go into details, it’s fairly private but I hope that all those involved find the light on the other side of the tunnel. I’m always there for you if you need me. I love you so much.

Last night I found a horrible website by accident so I reported it today, I know they probably can’t do much. And if the website is still operating I will call the police. I won’t go into details but it’s not something anyone should witness.

‘If you can wait ’til I get home. Then I swear we can make this last’

You Can Be My Bittersweet

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I also wrote a letter to Jim Stynes today. I wish him and his family all the best for a great recovery. Here’s my email:

Dear Jim Stynes,

I’m sending this email in regards to your recent untimely illness and the many thanks that I owe you. You have not only been a huge inspiration to myself but to many other youth and other Australian’s alike. I’d like to thank you for all the work you have done with youth around Australia and your work within Reach. The day you visited my school back in 2005 was and will be one of the most memorable days of my life. Not only was it about sharing our personal stories but also about the future for ourselves and our peers. Thank you for bringing youth together and making a huge impact.

I recently had a dream about you and your wife. You were at a wedding, and I walked up to you balling my eyes out thanking you for helping youth and wishing you all the best with your illness. You hugged me and thanked me.

The whole of Australia is behind you on this one, your one of our great Australian heroes and we wish you a great recovery. Myself and so many others will be supporting you throughout your life changing journey and our prayers and kind thoughts are with you and your family in these tough times.

I’m not particularly one for AFL but good luck, keep up the fight, we know you can win this match; keep kicking those goals!

Kind regards,
Natalie Price

Boobs, Breasts, Chests and the Rest

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The weekend was slightly eventfull I worked a bit.
Ventured to the City on Saturday night for dinner with my parents, their friends and James at The Spaghetti Tree ( for dinner.

The dinner was great, good service, I didn’t expect that and really good food. GREAT cheesecake too!! So I recommend that to everyone who likes a good meal. The resturant was really nicely set out also, alot of portraits of actors and actresses. And I did also see a loverly photograph of Bettie Page (I’m in love!).

Around 7 we ventured to Collins St to see Busting Out ( at the Athenaeum Theatre. I was bracing myself just as the slight chance of seeing an older womans breast. But the show was great! Not only do these two comedians and REAL women (Emma and Bev) make people laugh, they make women feel comfortable in their own bodies. Like one of my previous posts about women being comfortable in their own skin and embracing those curvacious healthy sizes they really gave me the feminism that Australia needed.

Any woman who is in doubt of her apperance, wrinkles and her jeans size or the size of her her breasts for that matter NEEDS to see this show. These women are REAL! And they know REAL women, they embrace their bodies and their beauty. But not only did they embrace A cups (for Awesome) and G cups for (Jesus Christ! No wait… thats a J..) they made me feel that I don’t need to change my size to become more of a woman or to become a better woman.

It was deffinatly a show for females but men can certainly gain alot from it (not just seeing a pair of large breasts flopping around on stage) but also an insight to what really IS going on in the female mind.

Some people said the show was sexist towards men… But not at all! Yes Bev did talk about the acupuncturist that was a prick and the photographer that had a different frame of mind, that they didn’t click and that he left film on her face. Not to mention ‘George’ who had to get on stage and put a bra on himself.

Highly recommended to all that have an open mind and that love boobs, tits, jugs, butterbags, love bubbles, peepers, melons, twoofers, twangers, jubblies, chesticles, baby pillows, mounds, racks, titties, diner plates, hooters, whoppers, love muffins, fun bags, coconuts, bazookas, bousums, cans, fog lights, hoohas, kazongas, loverlies, puppies, hand warmers, boobies and GAZONGAS… this show is for you 🙂

I love the boob.

Heart Of A Hummingbird

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Time for some blogging. The past week as all been about blogs and rad websites. Here a few that I found with some pretty cool SH**!

Other blogging sites have gotten pretty big on funny and stupid tattoos at the moment too. Along with some pretty cool ones. This is what I found:

Plug! Plug! Plug!

I love the internets.

Something More Than Ink!

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On Saturday when I went for my ink consultation guess who is working at Splash Of Colour in Ascot Vale!?

None other than the most tattooed man himself, Lucky Diamond Rich! Unless you have been living in a hole or a cave and don’t know who he is, click here.

According to Wikipedia he has almost every part of his body tattooed, even the inside of his foreskin!

James said to me ‘did you see that dude in the tattoo shop who has either an odd skin condition or is compleatly covered in tattoos!? He looks familiar!’


Next time I go there, I will deffinatly get a photo and an autograph. Possibly even a tattoo by him, that’d be such a great honour.

We Don’t Need No One

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This past weekend has slightly eventful.

I got sick (woot), listened to Triple J’s Hottest 100 Of All Time (how did Raidohead get in there 4 times!!!!?? And why wasn’t Grinspoon in there?) had a tattoo consultation. That was all.

Oh and I read a great book called ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ by Tucker Max. It was pretty damn funny!

What’s Done Is Done

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Here is a few more snaps from Mel’s trip to Melbourne.

Athurs Seat


Eggs Benny


I’ve also decided that I really want a llama and a camel.