Wake Up Wake Up

Today has been a day of many things.
Appart from the fact that I applied for 40 jobs, today Micheal Jackson died.
And as weird and crazy as he was, and completely controversial it is still a sad day.
This morning I was sent a joke, saying he died and blah blah blah.
The joke is pretty offensive, but I didn’t acutally know he died until I started recieving messages saying ‘OMG MICHEAL JACKSON IS DEAD!’
Along with all the sagas, the baby over the rail stint and the chimp he had called Bubbles. Not to mention sleeping in that chamber thing, to many people he was the greatest pop sensation of all time. RIP man.

In other news, ‘No Time To Bleed’ by Suicide Silence is awesome. Repeatitive and poorly put together and written, it is still a rad album! Really enjoying it!!!

About my 40 applications for my jobs, I’ve already gotten one rejection WOO HOO! Surely if someone has applied for every job they saw on http://www.seek.com.au or ‘mycarrer’ you’d think they could get a job. But I know people who haven’t been suscessfull at all. So fingers crossed.

Dad suggested that I do some promotion work.
What a good idea, I can skank it up and get hit on by sleazy old men! Never the less.. I did apply for some agencies. I don’t expect to be accepted but at least I’m trying to earn money!

Check out my profie!

By the way, I really want a cat.


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