Sinking Always Sinking

Last Friday I went to out to dinner for James’ Mum’s birthday. After we finally got our meals (it took and hour and a half) we ate and all the rest.

I’m not sure how but myself and Simon and Grace got into a conversation about womens body weight..

Simon asked if I do any blogging and that I should promote women to become as thin as myself because that’s what men desire.


I don’t understand how any male could find my figure attractive. Nor try to persuade me to persuade other women to become thinner when really its not attractive at all.

Sure men don’t want to be with a woman bigger than them and visa versa but bigger really is best..

Recently in the American version of ‘Next Top Model’ a ‘Plus-Size Model’ called Whitney Thompson took out the top prize. And good on her, it’s about time. I would stop at nothing to have her figure!
This is something women should asspire to, not thin models like Kate Moss.

I hate to rant, but what happened to the day’s of curvy pin-up girls with hourglass figures like Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.

Sure, her waist is thin, it’s called a corset which are certainly sexy but she has great legs.
When did it become outdated to aspire to these women and become sickly thin?

I know I’m healthy, grossly thin but healthy, but I am constantly worried people think I have an eating disorder. When you get told ‘ooohh you need to eat something!’ or asked ‘do you vomit your food after you eat it’ you begin to feel like there IS something wrong. When infact, there isn’t.

Last year in October a national survey was conducted in the Uk regarding the desired size in women. Surprisingly most men preferred more voluptuous women where as most women preferred the more stick-like-figure.

Anyway. Don’t be thin, embrace your healthy size.



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