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It’s Getting Hard Today

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Since when do male’s think that they are ‘God’s-gift-to-women’ and that women HAVE to sleep with them when thye are in a relationship?

Fine sex is part of a relationship, and I am sorry to my parents if you are reading this, but it’s my body too you know! Having intimate moment’s with your ex or partner after a huge fight isn’t sexy. And rather than giving you pleasure I’m sure I’d rather be slapping you in the face.

Don’t say ‘but you have to, your my girlfriend’  or ‘if you loved me you’d take me back’ or ‘we used to be together so why can’t we now?’ I don’t have to give you a reason and apart from that it’s my god damn given right to say no if I don’t want you to touch me and use my body before you can go find some other skank! Why would you want to have sex with someone who didn’t want to sleep with you!?

I don’t really know why I’m bringing this up, because it is something in the past, not the current but I guess men just don’t get it.

Anyway, I’ve gotten tickets to go see Busting Out. Apparently its sexist towards men… About time!

Wake Up Wake Up

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Today has been a day of many things.
Appart from the fact that I applied for 40 jobs, today Micheal Jackson died.
And as weird and crazy as he was, and completely controversial it is still a sad day.
This morning I was sent a joke, saying he died and blah blah blah.
The joke is pretty offensive, but I didn’t acutally know he died until I started recieving messages saying ‘OMG MICHEAL JACKSON IS DEAD!’
Along with all the sagas, the baby over the rail stint and the chimp he had called Bubbles. Not to mention sleeping in that chamber thing, to many people he was the greatest pop sensation of all time. RIP man.

In other news, ‘No Time To Bleed’ by Suicide Silence is awesome. Repeatitive and poorly put together and written, it is still a rad album! Really enjoying it!!!

About my 40 applications for my jobs, I’ve already gotten one rejection WOO HOO! Surely if someone has applied for every job they saw on or ‘mycarrer’ you’d think they could get a job. But I know people who haven’t been suscessfull at all. So fingers crossed.

Dad suggested that I do some promotion work.
What a good idea, I can skank it up and get hit on by sleazy old men! Never the less.. I did apply for some agencies. I don’t expect to be accepted but at least I’m trying to earn money!

Check out my profie!

By the way, I really want a cat.

You Like Mike Nikes?

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Also I’m super poor, like so ridiculously poor at the moment! But these are a few things on my shopping list 🙂




I can;t find these anywhere! So annoying!

Sinking Always Sinking

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Last Friday I went to out to dinner for James’ Mum’s birthday. After we finally got our meals (it took and hour and a half) we ate and all the rest.

I’m not sure how but myself and Simon and Grace got into a conversation about womens body weight..

Simon asked if I do any blogging and that I should promote women to become as thin as myself because that’s what men desire.


I don’t understand how any male could find my figure attractive. Nor try to persuade me to persuade other women to become thinner when really its not attractive at all.

Sure men don’t want to be with a woman bigger than them and visa versa but bigger really is best..

Recently in the American version of ‘Next Top Model’ a ‘Plus-Size Model’ called Whitney Thompson took out the top prize. And good on her, it’s about time. I would stop at nothing to have her figure!
This is something women should asspire to, not thin models like Kate Moss.

I hate to rant, but what happened to the day’s of curvy pin-up girls with hourglass figures like Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.

Sure, her waist is thin, it’s called a corset which are certainly sexy but she has great legs.
When did it become outdated to aspire to these women and become sickly thin?

I know I’m healthy, grossly thin but healthy, but I am constantly worried people think I have an eating disorder. When you get told ‘ooohh you need to eat something!’ or asked ‘do you vomit your food after you eat it’ you begin to feel like there IS something wrong. When infact, there isn’t.

Last year in October a national survey was conducted in the Uk regarding the desired size in women. Surprisingly most men preferred more voluptuous women where as most women preferred the more stick-like-figure.

Anyway. Don’t be thin, embrace your healthy size.


There’s A Girl Inside My Soul

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One last thing I cannot forget, I saw Steve Adler from Guns And Roses play in and in-store.
He was very drunk and off time.
Bless him.

These are some of the rad things I’ve been reading recently:

I find myself doing NOTHING with my life, I should probably look into doing some sort of study.
Swine Flu is deff on it’s way.

Going to get my vac.

I Walk Fearless

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In other news, I went to see Have Heart at the Arthouse, sadly it will be one of the last few gigs I attend at the venue as it is soon to be closing.

Unfortunatly not only is the Arthouse closing Have Heart have also broken up.
Check out their music at

I’ve also been to a couple of The Racket’s shows. One at St Kilda Bowl’s Club and the other at Brunswick Hotel. And I’ve been showered with glass, beer, water, seen too many naked people and too many indecent acts. I guess this is some people’s idea of rock and roll. None the less, very… memorable I guess.

Love and peace.

Goodnight Dear, Goodbye

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I haven’t blogged in quite a while mainly because not much has really been going on. Mel came and left over a month ago and this sudden realisation really is depressing. Not only one of the most colourfull but one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She have a goregeous heart and she is honestly one of the most amazing people I know.

These are just a few snap shots from the BEST week of my life! I will upload some more when she finally gets around to putting them up.

Emma, Shannon and Mel.

Moro, Mel, Mario and Bada Bing

Erin, Mel and I.

Harley and Mel

Smoochy ;)

Swanston St


The Sex Shop