I am Made of Wax Larry

That’s right, I am going to South America next year.
This amazing trip will be with my parents, and unfortunatly yet quite possibly the last trip I go with them on.
I will bring you all back a poncho, a llama and a seedy Mexican tour guide.
As far as I know there is alot of poverty still in Peru. I’d love to try help some of the communities so I think I will try sort something out.
We possibly will be heading to the amazing Machu Picchu the sight of the great Inca Empire and also the Amazon to catch me a parranah (SNAP SNAP!) and also an Anaconda.
Apparently… ‘the Amazon Jungle is as big as the Australian continent. It is found in 8 different South American countries…’ WOW! Also, Peru has the 5th Highest Waterfall in the World which are called the Yumbilla Falls. And the 3rd Highest called The Three Sisters also a must see!


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