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I am Made of Wax Larry

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That’s right, I am going to South America next year.
This amazing trip will be with my parents, and unfortunatly yet quite possibly the last trip I go with them on.
I will bring you all back a poncho, a llama and a seedy Mexican tour guide.
As far as I know there is alot of poverty still in Peru. I’d love to try help some of the communities so I think I will try sort something out.
We possibly will be heading to the amazing Machu Picchu the sight of the great Inca Empire and also the Amazon to catch me a parranah (SNAP SNAP!) and also an Anaconda.
Apparently… ‘the Amazon Jungle is as big as the Australian continent. It is found in 8 different South American countries…’ WOW! Also, Peru has the 5th Highest Waterfall in the World which are called the Yumbilla Falls. And the 3rd Highest called The Three Sisters also a must see!

Thursdays @ Flannighans

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Just some photos from Level 1 and Flanny’s on Thursday night in Frankston.

Gus getting some lovin'.

Gus getting some lovin'.

Myself, John, Azul, Rachel, Kat & Alex.

Myself, John, Azul, Rachel, Kat & Alex.

John, Alex, Gus and Kat happy as can be!

John, Alex, Gus and Kat happy as can be!

I also shaved my head! Heres some photos.

I am a huge dick!

I am a huge dick!


New Beats From HWB

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I havn’t posted in a lil while BUT my friend Armarin’s band, Hiroshima Will Burn have a their first album coming out soon and have posted a new song on their myspace along with tour dates. The new song is hell impressive so I urge you to go check it out @

ALSO while I’m doing some plugging for friends if you head to Bada Bing @ The Pier Live, make sure you use Miles’ List or Kimothy’s List for cheap entry. That’d be much appreciated.

Oh! By the way, James has kindly offered to train me so I can get my peircing apprenticeship.


Fri 27/Sat 28th

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Oh Hai!
Pub Friday last week with Sim, Harley, Erin and everyone and I spent NO money and had a great night with my beers and cowboy shots.. Yes BEER!

Then the next night we ventured to Cruze in Mornington. Here’s some of the dandy photos!

Cruze with Julian and Brenden

Tegan and Bacon

Bacon & Corey

The End, until next time kids, stay sweet.


The Market and The New App

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Just a few snaps from Market and us all getting ready at Gus’ house..
I also got a new polaroid application, its pretty cool, but it slows my computer down like a bitch!

Just A Loverly Sunrise

Adrian, Harry & Fil @ Gustina'sHalf Developed
Feasty Blister


Sexy Land Adventures

We ventured to Sexy Land too.